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  • Neue Flanschkupplung

    Neue Flanschkupplung

  • 40 years BIKON

  • Product Piracy and Plagiarism

    Product Piracy and Plagiarism

  • Global Direct Sale

    Global Direct Sale

Neue Flanschkupplung

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fkhpsBIKON FK6006 - neue Flanschkupplung


Die neue Flanschkupplung BIKON FK6006 kann im Vergleich mit unseren bisherigen Flanschkupplungen mit Spannsätzen aufgrund des integrierten Spannsatzes und neuer Konstruktionsansätze kleiner und kompakter ausgeführt werden. Dies ermöglicht kleinere Einbauräume und leichtere Montagen aufgrund der niedrigeren Gewichte und kleineren Anzugsmomente der Schrauben, gemessen an unseren herkömmlichen Flanschkupplungen mit Spannsätzen.


Wahlweise kann die Flanschkupplung mit Schrauben oder mit unseren Spann-Paßbolzen BIKON 1025 zum Verbinden der beiden Flanschhälften ausgeführt werden.

Wir bieten auch Ausführungen zur Aufnahme von Bremsscheiben oder integrierten Bremsscheiben an.


Unterschiedlichen Wellendurchmessern auf Antrieb- und Abtriebseite sind ebenfalls möglich.


Aktuell wird BIKON FK6006 den Anforderungen angepasst. Hierfür benötigen wir lediglich Angaben zu max. Dreh- und Biegemoment, sowie die gewünschten Wellendurchmesser und Einbaulänge.


Wir möchten darauf hinweisen, dass BIKON FK6006 unsere Entwicklung ist und unserem Schutzrecht unterliegt. Wir haben nie Lizenzen an Dritte vergeben.

So wie viele unserer, von uns entwickelten Produkte kann der BIKON FK6006 anhand unserer Katalogdaten oder Datenblätter nicht nachgebaut werden.


Weitere Informationen auf Anfrage - wir helfen Ihnen gerne bei der Auswahl und Neukonstruktionen.

40 years BIKON


BIKON continuing strong on the world market for more than 40 years.



The go ahead into the year 1972 laid the foundations for the present BIKON-Technik GmbH with our original BIKON and DOBIKON products.

Since then we have been developing and marketing directly wolrdwide our product types, now numbering over 40, and about 4000 special designs for shaft diameter ranging from 6 to 1000 mm.

Quality, engineering and flexibility in both the business and technical fields are only a few of our strengths that have been sustaining our continuous growth.


Our large customer base all over the world certainly testifies to the pleasure they have in their cooperation with our company.


40 years of expirience is compelling motivation for us to continue entering new markets with new products for the future.


  • More than 40 systems for economic component design
  • Shaft diameter: 6 to more than 1000 millimetres
  • Metric and inch dimensions
  • Rust-free and nickel-plated designs
  • Consulting and selection of clamp systems for applications
  • Experienced partner for global business and sale
  • Origin: European Community ONLY

Product Piracy and Plagiarism


Against product piracy and plagiarism



As developer and market introducer of the globally known and used BIKON and DOBIKON products, we have been subject to various incidents regarding product piracy and a large damage case due to plagiarism.


Therefore, we consider it our obligation to inform you – as user of our products – that our original products have now become the target of widespread copying.

We would like to point out that neither in the past nor recently has our company ever agreed to a licence or any other cooperation for the marketing of these products. Instead, these copies are mere imitations based on the freely available specifications (merely schematics and catalogue data), but without the details important for reliable functionality. From this it becomes clear that these imitations have been manufactured without the original knowhow of BIKON-Technik GmbH, and that any services provided by these manufacturers lack the specific technical knowledge that our products need from the original developer or its successor.


Should one of our competitors advertise these replications with reference to BIKON-Technik GmbH, this happens irrespective of any legal basis and, in case of doubt, illegally.


The know-how of the inventor of these locking devices with all data, beyond the transmissible torque or other data shown in the prospectus (e.g. data for calculation of fatigue strength of your components), can only be provided by us on your request.


In the following, you will see a small excerpt of the products developed and introduced by "BIKON" (today a standard in many applications). These products are available only as originals from us, even when they are offered under different names by third parties.


We have never granted licenses to allow reverse engineering. 














1012 20066006














For further questions and information regarding our developments we remain at your assistance.

Global Direct Sale



Global direct sale


"BIKON" and "DOBIKON" products are only available from BIKON-Technik GmbH, 41468 Neuss, Germany.




(Our policy against product piracy and plagiarism)



We have been operating global direct sales for nearly 40 years, and are gladly available to you as an experienced partner for domestic and international business.


If third parties claim to be our representatives or distributor – without us having confirmed this to you – this has no legal foundation and, in doubt, is illegal.


Our goods are generally marked "BIKON" or "DOBIKON".

We refer to our brands, patents, warranty and business conditions.

BIKON-Technik GmbH entwickelt seit 1972 neue Spannsysteme und hat weltweit mehr als 90 Patente angemeldet.

BIKON-Technik GmbH develops since 1972 news locking systems and obtained worldwide more than 90 patents.




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